Parenting Co-ordination


Parenting Coordination is a dispute resolution process focused on your children.

The goal of Parenting Coordination is to assist separated and divorced parents and care-givers to transition from being former partners in dispute, to become effective co parents; to focus on their children’s needs.

This is achieved through various methods including education about appropriate post-communication strategies, assistance with communication and managing disagreements about the interpretation of family law court orders or parenting plans.

Parenting coordination can assist in case managing parenting disputes after orders have been made, rather than clients returning to the Family Court to deal with breaches of orders or contravention applications. Parenting Coordination teaches both parents how to make decisions together about those issues and reduces the daily conflict that can arise about issues or everyday decision-making.

The process can help clients manage changes to decision-making responsibilities after orders have been made and reduce the likelihood of their children being caught in conflict. Ultimately, the goal is to assist both parents over time, to communicate well with each other,
with low conflict and without the need to return to lawyers, mediation or the Family Court.

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UMC Parenting Coordination:

A Parenting Coordinator is a qualified professional (either a lawyer or social scientist) who has undertaken specialised training in Mediation and Parenting Coordination. UMC Parenting Coordinators are properly qualified and comply with the Guidelines for Parenting Coordination from the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts.

FEE: Initial Individual Session and Our Family in Two Homes Resource: $660 per parent (incl GST)
Subsequent sessions (45 mins individual or 90 mins if joint): $330 per parent (incl GST)

Parenting coordination is usually conducted as a 90 minute session, once a month for a period of up to 2 years.
The process can be terminated earlier if the parties agree.
Costs are usually shared but different arrangements can be agreed or ordered, based on your financial circumstances.

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