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Tools for Change


There will be times when your family may need to engage with professionals to do assessments that can assist the services supporting you to help make the best decisions. We understand these assessments can happen at difficult and stressful times and so at Unique Minds Consultancy we like to work with your family to help make the assessments less stressful and easier to get through. 

We are happy to talk to you about what to expect before the assessment happens and why the assessments are occurring.  There are many different types of assessments so please give us a call and we can chat with you about it. 

Therapeutic Services

At Unique Minds Consultancy we offer a range of therapeutic services to help and support families, parents and children and also larger extended family members including grandparents, aunts, siblings, uncles, cousins, nieces, and nephews.

Reach out via phone or email today to discuss your family’s needs.

Consistent, Integrated Assessments, Services & Resources

Our main focus is to provide professionals and families with the tools to facilitate change in a safe and trauma-qualified way.


Unique Minds conducts comprehensive assessments which combine a broad scope of validated therapeutic & assessment tools to provide detailed reports.

Therapeutic Interventions

Join Lizy and Archie for Therapy Dog assisted attachment based Play Therapy, Counselling Narrative Therapy, Story Book Work, Parental Education and counselling support.

Training & Consultancy

A range of evidence-based, multimodal social & family services to support individuals and families who have experienced trauma.