Assessment for Legal Professionals

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Social Assessments

Our social assessment reports include information about a client’s current circumstances, historical events and trauma experiences and the impacts on current day capacity. Consideration is given to the information gathered through interviews and information obtained and an analysis of this information occurs resulting in recommendations to best protect the children.

A social assessment report includes information about your child’s history, living situation, views and wishes. It also provides an independent opinion on the best way to protect your child’s best interests. The social assessment also contains information about the family and considers what strengths the family has to address the children’s needs. During the assessment process I try and identify what family supports are available to the children to protect them from harm. The court and tribunal will consider the report’s recommendations when deciding whether a child protection order should be put in place for your child.

FEE: Between 2400- 3500 (plus gst) variable depending on funding and requirements of the assessment, contact us for a quote
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Regulation 7 Family Consultants

Family consultants conduct child and family assessments for the purpose of preparing a reports that have been ordered by the Court under specific sections of the Family Law Act. These reports are to assist the parties and the Court determine arrangements that will bring about the best outcomes for children. Our UMC family consultants are not employees of the Court but are private practitioners who have satisfied the Court that they have the requisite qualifications and expertise to undertake the duties of a family consultant. This type of family consultant is appointed to the role under the Family Law Regulations, and is often referred to as a Regulation 7 Family consultant. 

For more information in Regulation 7 Consultants please refer to the Website of the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia,  Family Consultant FAQs | Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia (\

FEE: There is no cost to either party for a Family Report undertaken by a family consultant.
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Private Family Reports 

A private family report can be arranged before parties are in court, if it is considered appropriate and the parties agree. Private Family Consultants are generally chosen by the parties because they are quicker and there is no guarantee that the Court will fund a Child Impact Report or Family Report. In these circumstances it is usual that one party proposes a panel of three expert report writers, from which the other party is able to nominate one report writer to conduct the report. If privately commissioned, the cost is shared equally between the two parties.

FEE: $4250 plus gst
Available within 3-4 weeks, unless an urgent request is made. 
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Short Form Assessments

A short form assessment is a preliminary assessment that can assist parents/parties and the Court to make decisions on interim parenting arrangements. This assessment process can also be the first opportunity to hear the voice of the subject child/ren.   
These reports can be requested before court proceedings or during proceedings.

Information for a Short Form Assessment is gathered by; 

  • Separate interviews with children and parents or if Court ordered, the named parties on the Order. 
  • Formal parent-child/ren observations if the child/ren are under 5 years old. 
  • Reading of relevant Court filed material.   
FEE: Initial Individual Session and Our Family in Two Homes Resource: $660 per parent (incl GST)
Subsequent sessions (45 mins individual or 90 mins if joint): $330 per parent (incl GST)
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Children’s Views and Wishes Report

This report provides parents/carers with an opportunity to hear their child/ren’s voice and for child/ren to express their views and wishes to a third person.

Information for a children’s views and wishes report is gathered by interviewing the children separately and/or as a sibling group.

FEE: $1800 plus GST​
Available within 1 – 2 weeks.

Consistent, Integrated Assessments, Services & Resources

Our main focus is to provide professionals and families with the tools to facilitate change in a safe and trauma-qualified way.


Unique Minds conducts comprehensive assessments which combine a broad scope of validated therapeutic & assessment tools to provide detailed reports.

Therapeutic Interventions

Join Lizy and Archie for Therapy Dog assisted attachment based Play Therapy, Counselling Narrative Therapy, Story Book Work, Parental Education and counselling support.

Training & Consultancy

A range of evidence-based, multimodal social & family services to support individuals and families who have experienced trauma.