Co-Parenting Counselling


Co-parenting counselling serves a critical role in helping families navigate the complexities and emotional challenges that follow a divorce. 

The primary purpose of this form of therapy is to alleviate the potential negative impacts on children by assisting parents in fostering a secure and supportive environment post-separation. This is accomplished through various strategies that prioritize the child’s well-being, ensuring they continue to feel loved and safe amidst the radical changes taking place in their family structure.

Co-parent counselling involves assessment, individual and joint sessions, skill building and feedback and follow up sessions to monitor progress. Interventions include: 

      • Child Focused interventions 
      • Conflict focused interventions
      • Communication focused interventions 
      • Skill Building interventions 
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UMC Co-Parenting Counselling:

  • Includes 1 hr session per person plus the Our Family in Two Homes workbook
FEE: $340 per parent for initial intake session (includes 1 hr session per person plus the Our Family in Two Homes workbook)
Subsequent individual sessions are $270/hr per person per session, joint sessions will be $175 per person per session. 

Consistent, Integrated Assessments, Services & Resources

Our main focus is to provide professionals and families with the tools to facilitate change in a safe and trauma-qualified way.


Unique Minds conducts comprehensive assessments which combine a broad scope of validated therapeutic & assessment tools to provide detailed reports.

Therapeutic Interventions

Join Lizy and Archie for Therapy Dog assisted attachment based Play Therapy, Counselling Narrative Therapy, Story Book Work, Parental Education and counselling support.

Training & Consultancy

A range of evidence-based, multimodal social & family services to support individuals and families who have experienced trauma.