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Observed and Assessed Family Visiting Service

Family Contact is a challenging service for agencies and the Department to implement. At Unique Minds Consultancy we have created a model that supports family contact being done differently. We call our service the Observed and Assessed Family Visiting Service (SFVS) and is based on the premise of a family bonding perspective whereby the practical elements of risk assessment for children in foster and kinship care are addressed within play focused family visits. 

The intent of this model is to:

  1. Provide a safe and positive bonding experience for children and their carers 
  2. Contribute to existing practices in foster and kinship care reunification decision making 
  3. Make a contribution to child protection decision making and support courts in obtaining tangible evidence of parent-child relationships by gathering real time data to ensure the best long-term outcomes for children accessing the service

Assessments and Therapeutic Services

We offer a range of comprehensive assessments to support professions to make decisions and act in the best interests of the children and families they support. we also provide therapeutic services to agencies supporting vulnerable families.


Unique Minds can provide organisation-specific training, professional development and consultancy to improve service delivery or to review complex cases. Reach out via phone or email today to discuss your organization’s needs.


  • Functional Behaviour assessments 
  • Kinships and foster carer assessments
  • Cumulative Harm Assessments
  • Social and Family Assessments 
  • Combined assessment packages 

Harm Assessments

  • Mapping/Data Extraction Matrix
  • SDQ
  • CRIES-13.
  • K10
  • CHI
  • Detailed written report*

Detailed Written Reports

    • Family History Summary 
    • Departmental History 
    • Intergenerational Cumulative Harm Summary 
    • Indicators of Cumulative Harm (physical, behavioural/emotional, social)
    • Summary of Results of Cumulative Harm measures 
    • Parental capacity and insight summary 
    • Recommendations 

Consistent, Integrated Assessments, Services & Resources

Our main focus is to provide professionals and families with the tools to facilitate change in a safe and trauma-qualified way.


Unique Minds conducts comprehensive assessments which combine a broad scope of validated therapeutic & assessment tools to provide detailed reports.

Therapeutic Interventions

Join Lizy and Archie for Therapy Dog assisted attachment based Play Therapy, Counselling Narrative Therapy, Story Book Work, Parental Education and counselling support.

Training & Consultancy

A range of evidence-based, multimodal social & family services to support individuals and families who have experienced trauma.