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Dr. Simone Collier 

Director (Client Services)

BaPrimary/Special Ed, MSpec Ed, DoctProSt, DipAOD/MH
Parents Under Pressure Therapist
Animal Assisted Play Therapist
Play Therapist using Theraplay principles
Post-Graduate Diploma in Alcohol & Other Drugs and Mental Health
Step-by Step Assessor -Foster & Kinship Carer Assessment

Simone Collier is a Special Education teacher who has taught in behaviour support and special Education and mainstream settings for a number of years. Simone worked as a Deputy Principal and as a Guidance Officer before moving in to the social work sector, initially in homelessness and domestic and family violence and then into Child Protection. Simone has a varied career working with children and young people in Residential facilities and in complex care settings as well as out-of-home care with foster and kinship carers.

Simone has worked in Team Leader, Program Co-ordinator and Program Manager roles in child protection and more recently in a State Project Manager role and a Specialist Practice and Compliance position  with Act for Kids, setting up programs for Individual Support packages for families and children with high and complex needs. Simone was involved in a pilot research project in partnership with the University of Southern Queensland trialling an evaluative tool to measure cumulative harm in children and young people. Simone is deeply passionate about supporting children with complex trauma and has completed her doctorate research investigating the barriers and enablers for mainstream classroom teachers to engage in professional development of trauma informed classroom pedagogy.

Recently, Simone has published her first children’s book, titled Jeremy’s Changing Family which is focused on hearing the voice of a little boy who is the biological child of foster carers. The book explores the challenges and celebrations of a foster family and in particular the children of foster carers. Simone’s second children’s book is currently underway. Simone works as a lecturer and course examiner in the child abuse and children’s mental health courses as a course examiner and lecturer and is involved with a range of research projects to further the knowledge and skill base of the sector. 

Simone offers child play therapy which is an attachment focused intervention for children and their parent/carer and is assisted by her two therapy dogs, Lizzy and Archie where appropriate. 

Dr Simone
Dr Simone

Dr. India Bryce

Director (Operations)

PhD, BEd, MGuidCous, MSW(Forensic Studies), MSW (PQ), FHEA

Dr. India Bryce is a Senior Lecturer at University of Southern Queensland and a Forensic Social Worker. Dr. India Bryce began her career as early childhood educator before taking a position as a front-line Child Safety Officer in the Investigation and Assessment Team, in the then Queensland Department of Child Safety, Women and Youth. She is a specialist consultant in the field of child maltreatment, specialising in cumulative harm.  She has worked closely with government and non-government agencies in the design and implementation of family intervention, prevention and preservation programs and has delivered training in child maltreatment and cumulative harm to a broad range of helping professionals across the forensic sector.

India’s PhD explored the lived experience of cumulative harm and its influence on vocation in the helping professions.  India is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and member of the USQ Centre of Health Research (Health and Social Justice). India’s current research explores cumulative harm, trauma informed pedagogy in higher education, trauma narratives and health, vocational behavior, transgender youth and youth justice, and separated parent’s experiences of education systems.

India has published books, book chapters, and journal articles from her research including two co-edited reference books, Child Abuse and Neglect: Forensic Issues in Evidence, Impact and Management, and Child Sexual Abuse: Forensic Issues in Evidence, Impact and Management.  India has presented on topics related to her research nationally and internationally.

Malarni Gaskell 

Expert Family Consultant/Assessor

Master of Social Work (Currently enrolled)
Bachelor of Human Services Major Child and Family
Diploma and Certificate III in Community Services work
Play therapist using Theraplay principles.

Malarni is passionate about creating and advocating for positive change in the lives of children and families. Malarni strongly believes in the spirit of the Carmody enquiry and believes that prevention and early intervention is best practice when responding to unmet needs and child protection concerns within families. 

Malarni applies a non-judgmental, strength-based, child-centered approach when working with families to address child protection and other identified concerns to facilitate the best possible outcomes for children and families. Malarni has a personal interest in trauma and its effects on the development of young people, particularly the brain, as well as implementing a practice that seeks to address this. 

Malarni utilises an ecological approach and provides specialist attachment-based coaching and mentoring to carers and stakeholders, therapeutic care coordination, specialised therapy and psychoeducation based on a thorough assessment of the child and their support network to enhance children’s psychosocial and developmental outcomes and supports the child’s healing. 

Malarni has vast professional and personal experience, having worked in the sector for the past 14 years and being a Kinship carer for the past 12 years. Malarni has extensive experience working with Child Safety and other relevant non-government agencies. Malarni was awarded a Certificate of recognition during Child Protection Week in 2019 and represented Act for Kids in the 2021 Suicide Prevention Summit. Additionally, Malarni has developed and facilitated workshops on the Individual Support Packages Program, Collaborative Assessment and Planning, working with children with Denied Sexual Abuse, Functional Behavioural Assessments and Behaviour Intervention Plans. Malarni is able to facilitate many different positive parenting workshops, such as Circle of Security, 123 Magic and Bringing up Great Kids and provides dyadic play therapy and interventions to families. 

Malarni has experience as a Family Support Practitioner, and Practice Supervisor for The Intensive Family Support Service, a Practice Lead for the Individual Support Packages, a Child and Family Consultant in the Assessment and Service Connect Team with Act for Kids and most recently a Residential Team Leader at Southern Cross Support Services to children in out of home care.


Hayley Jenkins

Child and Family Support Officer

Cert III in Community Services Work
Dove tail and Insight training (Alcohol and other drugs training)
Managing the bull (Bullying Workshop)
Therapeutic Crisis Intervention
‘Breakthrough for families’ Facilitator- support for family ecosystem to respond to and manage drug and alcohol misuse.

Hayley has over twenty years’ experience in the community services sector, and has always had a natural infinity with children, and young people. 

Hayley is down to earth, and passionate about empowering young people, advocating for their needs, and supporting them to heal from their experiences of trauma. 

Hayley has incredible experience working with engaging Adolescents who engage in extreme risk taking and criminal behaviours, and the intersections with the tertiary Child Protection system.  

The importance of capturing the child’s voice, and ‘holding space’ and empathy for others is a main drive for Hayley when working with families. Hayley has worked with families to address and respond to Mental health issues and recover from drug and and alcohol misuse. Hayley has worked closely with aboriginal families in rural and remote settings, particularly within the Somerset and Darling Downs Regions. Hayley is a well-respected among many Aboriginal communities and likes to ensure she adopts safe and culturally inclusive practices. Hayley has been a carer in her personal life for many children over the years, and loves achieving positive outcomes for the most vulnerable children and families. Hayley has an innate ability to create trusting, respectful relationships that promote growth, healing, and self-determination in the lives of others.


Nathan Oliver

Child and Family Support Officer

Bachelor of Human Services (Child and Family Studies) Enrolled

Nathan has been working with vulnerable and at-risk families and young people for the past seven years. He practices using a strength-based ecological approach and is invested in ensuring the voice of young people and their families are heard during decision making processes and interventions. 

 Nathan believes that education is one of the greatest protective factors and his recent work has included program delivery for young people who are suspended from school, residential work and school and regional based roles within Education Queensland, which has focused on engaging and retaining young people in educational pathways. 


Holly St Clair

Child and Family Support Officer/Play Therapy Assistant

Master of Counselling: Child, Youth, and Family Therapy
Bachelor of Education Studies
Certificate III in Children’s Services
Play Therapist

Holly is passionate about delivering positive outcomes for all family members and is dedicated towards the protection and prevention of harm to children and young people. She has worked with children, young people, and families over the last ten years. After completing a Bachelor of Education Studies, Holly’s childcare experience led her to realise she was particularly passionate about supporting the emotional and physical wellbeing of children, which led Holly to complete a Master of Counselling with specialisations in child, youth and family therapy. Holly has a special interest in complex trauma and explored this topic as part of her Master’s capstone research project. With most experience taking place in a primary school and residential home setting, Holly has worked with children and young people across diverse backgrounds, including those with varying needs and diagnoses.


Zarlece Platen


Bachelor of Human Services Major Counselling
Certificate IV in Frontline Management
Certificate IV in Disability Support

Zarlece has devoted her career to working in the human services sector. Her introduction to this field, and foundational knowledge, was established and developed, in her 13 years working in the role of individual support worker, alongside people who live with a disability. During this time, a passion for person-centred approaches and advocacy blossomed, and Zarlece continued to expand her knowledge and skills by undertaking studies and receiving professional accreditation. 

After completing a Bachelor of Human Services, Zarlece commenced working as a counsellor with young people who have experienced significant trauma. This role required the facilitation of  therapeutic interventions that assist with responding to complex trauma histories, including but not limited to, young people who have experienced sexual harm. The modes of therapies commonly integrated were; play therapy, art therapy, mindfulness, sensory-exploration, co-regulation and strategies to assist in emotional regulation, and psychoeducation that enhances emotional literacy,  prosocial and protective behaviours. 

Zarlece is currently working at Unique Minds Consultancy as a Child and Family Consultant, completing foster and kinship care assessments. Zarlece’s values are embedded in social justice and are informed by humanistic approaches that emphasises individuality, and the application of unconditional positive regard, whilst her practice remains trauma-informed, child-centred, strengths-based, and solution-focussed. 

Consistent, Integrated Assessments, Services & Resources

Our main focus is to provide professionals and families with the tools to facilitate change in a safe and trauma-qualified way.


Unique Minds conducts comprehensive assessments which combine a broad scope of validated therapeutic & assessment tools to provide detailed reports.

Therapeutic Interventions

Join Lizy and Archie for Therapy Dog assisted attachment based Play Therapy, Counselling Narrative Therapy, Story Book Work, Parental Education and counselling support.

Training & Consultancy

A range of evidence-based, multimodal social & family services to support individuals and families who have experienced trauma.